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hidden heroesHidden Heroes: Hockey family donates 10.000 €

The coronavirus pandemic marked everyday life in many parts of the world and especially in Central Europe. In order to cope with this exceptional situation, numerous people from the ice hockey family - despite their own risk of infection - put themselves at the service of their neighbours and society. They ensured that daily life was maintained despite massive restrictions. They helped others, gave everything and made a significant contribution to surviving the crisis.

It was precisely those "Hidden Heroes" who were asked in front of the curtain in the course of this campaign to thank them on behalf of all people. On the channels of the participating leagues, associations and clubs, social commitments of individuals but also non-profit group initiatives against the spread of the coronavirus were presented and honoured. In order to offer space to all "Hidden Heroes" - and thus to provide media appeal - a new web platform was also launched, which was also used to handle the successful charity hockey sale in favour of Caritas.

Ice hockey family hands over donation cheque to Caritas

On behalf of all donors of the international ice hockey family, league director Christian Feichtinger handed over the donation cheque for €10,000 to director Johannes Dines at the Caritas Salzburg headquarters on Thursday. The donations will be allocated internationally by Caritas Austria according to donor origin and will be forwarded to the respective national Caritas Corona emergency aid organisations.

Caritas Salzburg Director Johannes Dines: "Many thanks in the name of Caritas for this generous donation. We were particularly challenged in the past months: A great many people have turned to Caritas who never imagined that they would one day need help. And we continue to be challenged, as the social effects will only become apparent with a delay. To be able to continue to help people, we depend on the solidarity of all and are very happy about the support of the international ice hockey family.

League Managing Director Christian Feichtinger: "Behind the Hidden Heroes campaign stands the entire ice hockey family of the Erste Bank Ice Hockey League and Alps Hockey League, as well as the respective national associations and associated ice hockey clubs. We are very pleased to have made a contribution together and would like to thank all supporters. It is a special concern of ours to stand by each other in times of crisis and to be there for each other".

more information: www.hiddenheroes.hockey 

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