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Fans without Borders - a boundless success

For the first time in the history of the ICE Hockey League, fans of the clubs were invited to Fans without Borders in the 2018/19 season. On the basis of the common passion for ice hockey, it was possible to establish a connection among the supporters. The message carried to the arenas by the fan ambassadors will continue.

The fans of the ICE Hockey League clubs seized the opportunity to cultivate and expand friendships between the various fan groups. The goal of the campaign to share the passion for ice hockey was hugely positive. The message of the campaign, „separated in color, united in the matter", will continue to exist.

The chosen fan ambassadors were given a special jersey and used the opportunity to get in touch with other fan groups. Week after week the fan ambassadors shared the message of the campaign in the various halls of the ICE Hockey League. As a special "candy" they got the opportunity to get closer to their respective teams. So there was the opportunity for a Meet & Greet with the teams as well as interviews with the favorite players.

Fans without Borders will also connect in 2020

Due to the success, the passion for ice hockey will be shared with Fans Without Borders again this season.

Fans without Borders 2020: 7.-26. January 2020

In addition to the fan ambassadors, who will return to the ice arena on January 7, the already well-proven Jersey Days will also be integrated into this campaign. Whether at work, on the street, while going out, or even having dinner together with friends: At the Jersey Days, numerous fans with a wide variety of jersey variations swarm to represent their favorite clubs outside of the hockey arenas. The creativity of the fans is in demand. The photos in a creative environment are published and collected on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In addition to the guaranteed fun in public, there are also signed jerseys of the 11 clubs to win.



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